A Strong Focus on Service

GCG Consulting is committed to the highest emphasis on the business needs and ongoing care of our clients.

Robust, State-Of-The-Art Payment Processing

GCG Consulting offers a range of well-tested payment systems starting with the basic, essential acceptance of major credit cards.

A Strong Focus on Service

GCG Consulting is committed to the highest emphasis on the business needs and ongoing care of our clients.

Safe And Secure

GCG Consulting goes the extra mile towards the highest standards and practices of security for our clients.

  • GCG Consulting Advantages

    Credit Card Acceptance-A Business Requirement
    Save 40% of Fees on 60% of Your Sales
    Zoom With Ultra-Rapid Payments At Your Counter
    Go Mobile For Sales Anywhere
    Maximize Sales On the Web
    Get Cash to Grow Your Business
    Capture Maximum Payments From All Sources
    Increase Your Revenue and Your Customer Loyalty

  • Essential Business Services

    Save and Grow…proven ideas, for your success!
    Solutions for your business…with great in-person service and support.


    Credit Card Processing Terminals
    Internet Phone Processing Wireless Systems Processing Software
    Smart Phone Apps


    Wholesale Pricing
    Ease of Integration
    Real-Time Reporting
    Security and PCI Compliance
    Recurring Billing
    Fast Deposits


    24/7 Merchant Support
    Local Service
    Merchant Training
    Fraud Management
    Statement Review
    Equipment Repair


    Point of Sale Terminals
    Internet Phone Processing Wireless Systems Processing Software
    Smart Phone Apps

    High Ethical Standards

    GCG Consulting stresses the full disclosure of all fees, costs and material terms to our clients.

  • GCG Consulting is an industry leader in payment solutions and merchant services!

    Maximize efficiency. Grow your business. Improve your bottom line. That's our promise to you!

    The world of commerce is changing fast. That’s why we deliver secure solutions that simplify the connections that make commerce possible—so your business can grow faster, manage transactions more efficiently and serve your customers easier than before. Whether it’s improving your customer relationships, enhancing your customer loyalty or boosting your bottom line, we make it easier for you to move at the speed of commerce.

    Do you want to expand your payment options, simplify your business operations and increase revenue? We’ll help you do all of that through our merchant services and give you exceptional service along the way!

    GCG Consulting has been helping businesses grow and manage their commerce transactions more efficiently for over 30 years. Whether your business is large or small, online or brick and mortar, we’ll help you set up multiple payment solutions to simplify your business. Our wide range of products and services can help you expand your options to include wireless credit card terminals, debit cards, gift cards, reward/loyalty programs, personal smart phone applications, POS systems and more. We’ll walk you through our merchant services to find a customized package to meet your needs.

    Not only do we provide the latest in innovative technology but we provide excellent customer service along the way. Our customer service team is dedicated to our customers and go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied for the life of your contract. You’ll also receive additional technology and financial benefits such as 24-hour monitoring protection, fraud reduction and more.

    If you’re running a business you know that accepting credit cards and debit cards is absolutely necessary to your success. GCG Consulting, Inc. is your foundation for convenient and state of the art merchant services. From assessment to strategy, design to solutions, here at GCG we are here to help you improve your business from start to finish! We have the systems in place and will work with the right credit card processing provider to help you maximize secure credit card processing in order to improve your business performance.

    With the help from us you will expand your payment options; accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty programs and other payment options all while simplify your business operations and increasing your revenue. From Brick and Mortar to online stores, GCG Consulting’s unique combination of innovative solutions and financial strength offers solid benefits to companies large and small. You'll find our wide range of products and services, and depth of customization unmatched by others. We stand behind our loyalty to help your business improve efficiency and maximize revenue!

    Contact us today to discuss your personalized package and we‘ll explain how it can help your revenue and customer service improve!

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